Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt!

It was actually yesterday, March 3, this picture is from his birthday party last night!



Happy Birthday! Mmmmm, what kind of pies did you guys have? They look yummy!

Ashley said...

Oh cute! Tell Matt I saw happy birthday, I miss hanging out with the two of you. Move back to Utah!

Derek said...

Matt and Jenni,

You don't know us, and actually we don't know you, but my wife and I were looking on the Seely's blog (I'm a mission buddy of Nic's) and we followed the link to yours. We're the Westra's and we live in Manoa where I'm attending UH for my MBA. We're in the Manoa ward. I just thought I'd say "hi" since we're on the same island! Good luck with the baby!

Derek and Danielle Westra

Justin and Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Matt, Jenni I hope you are feeling great and good luck (I really hope it comes on time) I got to your blog off Adam and Robins we have one too at melissa-justin.blogspot.com we aren't real good at updating yet bt I hope to be better. Have fun in Hawaii

Matt & Tati said...

Hey Steele's! Happy Late Birthday Matt! We found your page through Nic & Krista's. I'm glad to see things are goin well for you. Jenni, you look GREAT! Good luck with the baby!

Matt & Tati


the seelys said...

hi guys, it seems as though you are getting some business from our blogspot, maybe i should go into advertising. hey your baby is due soon, that is awesome!!!