Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Tommy!

Our baby turned one today. It's always a mixed emotions day. We love watching him grow and develop into this little person but so sad to see our baby growing up! Here are some highlights of his big day!

This was when sister shared her spoon full of left over frosting, she is such a good "mommy" to him.

Opening presents! I've been on a "build my own stuff" kick lately so I wanted to build Tommy a sandbox for his birthday.........I have yet to get it done or started for that matter so I gave him an IOU for it!

Mom, Dad, and our favorite little man!

Ready to dig in!

Don't mind my singing in this video. As we were singing Tommy went for the cake and Abby lets out a SCREAM! I don't know if it's because she thought Tommy almost got burned by his candle or if she thought he would eat all the cake. Either way it gave me a good laugh!



After! MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

All cleaned up and ready for bed but had to play with his racetrack one more time!

Ready to race!

These last three are not from Tommy's birthday but I wanted to share.

Riding a big boy bike at my moms house. He looks big in this picture but don't worry he is still my baby!

Abby likes to leave the fridge wide open all the time for some reason. So when I walked into the kitchen one day there was Tommy digging into the watermelon! He thought it was the greatest thing ever! I thought it was pretty cute and it made me scrub the inside of the fridge so it was a win-win!

Abby started the fall session of her Ballet/Tap class. This is her ready for her first day! (Yes she picked out her own outfit, boots and all)