Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back in Business

The week after we returned form Utah Abby and I, along with our BF's Janna and Lilly, took "Mommy and Me" swim lessons at the Pearl Harbor swimming pool.

The youth in our ward just had Youth Conference and had to learn a Fijiian dance to perform at it. Abby and I went up with Matt to Scouts one night to watch the dress rehersal. Don't they look awesome?

A couple of Saturday's ago was Military Appreciation Day at the Honolulu Zoo. We took Abby down to see the Monkeys and the ALLLLLLLLigators (as Abby calls them)

Abby just being Abby!

Abby on the Battleship Missouri with the guns!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

For all you blog stalkers!

Sorry to all who have been waiting for a new post. I usually only post when I have some great pictures to put up but we bought a new camera and it is not compatible with our computer so........I can't get any new pictures on our blog:( But I will figure something out, don't you worry. As for our life.....ummmmmmmm, Abby and I flew home to Utah the end of April and spent a couple weeks visiting everyone. Sorry I didn't announce our visit but we were just home sick for family so we kept it quiet. We had so much fun playing with everybody and wish we could do it again but I think that was officially our last trip for the year. (I know I said that in February) In a month Matt's sister and husband are coming to visit and then right after them my sister Megan and her family are coming and we have an awesome trip to the Big Island planned in late July with them. We will hopefully find out our next assignment in the beginning of August! Then my parents plan to visit one last time in the fall and then it's Thanksgiving and Christmas and then we move in January! Whoa, what a year! So I hope that catches us up. Sorry for the two month MIA.