Friday, November 25, 2011

Better Late Then Never!

Halloween! (I told you better late then never!) We had a fun Halloween this year. We trunk n' treated at the community center, went to a halloween party and drove up to Utah in time to trick or treat with some cousins. Since we had just been in Utah for Halloween we decided to just stay here for Thanksgiving. It was fun to do it as our little family but I was pretty homesick all day for my Mom's Thanksgiving dinner. The weather finally cooled down the beginning of October and we have been spending most days outside! My family celebrating Logans birthday and baptism!
Tommy thinks he is pretty cool because he can "jump." I think he his adorable trying to do it. Sorry it's sideways again, my bad!


Janna and Tyler said...

Glad to see Lily isn't the only one who is obsessed with getting married!!! (really sometimes I wonder) and she has the same pink boots too. Miss you guys

Todd and Melissa said...

Love Abby's wedding dress costume. Soooo cute! Izzie will love it when I show her tomorrow. :)

Also love Tommy's jumping. What a cutie! He's getting so big!