Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Way to go Matt!

A previously mentioned Matt attended Airman Leadship School in October. He graduated a few weeks ago receiving the highest award in the class, The John L. Levitow Award. (google it, it's pretty interesting) We are so proud of him and just wanted to share some of it with you! Enjoy!

Us at the graduation

Matt's supervisors and commanders.

Matt giving his acceptance speech. Sorry its dark

Us clapping for the graduates

Matt receiving the John L. Levitow award!


Todd and Melissa said...

Way to go Matt! And super cute dress and clutch Jenni! You are SO trendy, you little cutie!

Justin and Melissa said...

congrats Matt on the graduation and the award!

Saundra said...

Hey Jenni! Sorry to hear that you're leaving HI. I'm sure Vegas will be great, too. Congrats on the Levitow award! Beau was up for it when he was at ALS. Didn't get it. Lost to some guy who lives and breathes the AF. I hope you find some good friends in NV. Good luck!