Saturday, October 24, 2009

The pictures......

"I'm a mean old witch with a hat......"

At our ward Halloween party. No I am NOT a lame-o, you just can't see my costume. As you can tell Abby is the witch, Matt is her black cat and I am her broomstick. My costume consisted of my brown shirt and yarn strings hanging from my knees.

Abby and me!

Daddy and his girl.

Playing with Brother Matt

The gang minus Merlin (and me) in front of Matsumotos

Abby relaxing on the beach.

Abby and me at the visitor center on Mauna Kea. Elevation: 13,796 at the top, we stayed here at around 9,000 feet. It was beautiful up there looking down onto the clouds.

Abby hiding in the flowers.

Papa and Abby in Waipio Valley.

Abby and me in Waipio Valley

The view as you drive down to Waipio Valley

My beautiful girl

Abby and me on the south shore of Hawaii

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