Sunday, August 16, 2009

What in the World Have We Been Up To?

First off, Matt Graduated (Wahoo)in June with his Bachelor's of Science degree in Diplomacy and Military Studies from Hawaii Pacific University. Now only two more years at Troy University for his MPA and school will be D-U-N!! (for him at least)

Some of our friends will be leaving in a few weeks so they have been trying to finish their "To-Do" list. So last Friday we packed up the four wheel drive's and headed up into the mountains for some awesome camping. The view was amazing once you were on top, ocean on both sides, there are not very many things more beautiful than that.
Abby excited to go camping

The Gang.

Abby and Lily! (and me)

Breath taking views.

Saturday morning, after mowing the lawn, I took Abby outside to show her the true meaning of summer.......running through the sprinklers!!

Saturday afternoon we decided to take a bike ride and end it at the pool!

Abby playing "peek-a-boo" in the locker room!


Rebekah said...

yay for matt! and btw, abby is looking more like matt everyday... but she still has your hair, jenni!

Todd said...

Congrats Matt! Looks like you guys have been having a fun summer! We're so jealous!