Friday, March 6, 2009


We had a blast while Matt's Mom and Dad were here. We flew to Kaua'i and spent a few days exploring the beautiful island. Then flew back to O'ahu and went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, Hiked Diamind Head, ate at our favorite Thai restaurant and celebrated Matt's birthday. It is always fun to have visitors come because then we get to feel like we are on vacation too and we try lots of new stuff. Thanks Mom and Dad for exploring the islands with us!!



I love these pictures, it looks gorgeous! I love that you guys are wearing coats, aren't you supposed to be in Hawaii? Maybe when we finally make it there you can take us to Kaua'i.

P.S. Is that picture of Matt on the beach the same place that Brother Matt kissed that girl? HA HA

Ashley said...

Fun fun fun!!!!!!

Todd and Melissa said...

So jealous! We love Kauai! It's totally our favorite. What did you think? Was it rainy?