Thursday, October 23, 2008

When Matt gets home form work and I hand Abby off to him so I can finally get something done I usually find thenm in the living room like this. Can you tell who is in charge?
Last night some friends and I made tutu's for our little girls. This one is actully for a toddler but I just had to try it on!

She is not crawling yet but that doesn't mean she doesn't try! I think we're almost there!

Abby loves to stand. Some days I wonder if she will walk before she crawls!


Rebekah said...

Just like me!


What a big girl you have! She looks like she's ready to take off. You should know by now that all babies are in charge:) Oh and I love the tutu, and it looks like Abby is enjoying it as well! Well done! You'll have to teach me sometime so I can make one for my little girl, whenever it is she might come:)

Todd and Melissa said...

First off, you are in trouble! You never comment on my blog! Do you even look at it anymore??? :(

Second, I just can't believe how cute Abby is and that she smiles ALL the time! I love her tutu and I love her sitting on Matt. So cute and funny!