Saturday, May 10, 2008

Baby Showers!

These are my three best friends here. Gina, Leah, Jana and me! And they are all pregnant! (Two you could probably tell) This picture is at Jana's shower today. I forgot my camera when they threw me my shower. I can't wait until they all have their babies and we can have play dates everyday!(at the beach of course) Speaking of the beach, Abby and I made it to surfing group this week! Abby's first trip to the beach and I forgot my camera. Don't worry Matt and I plan to go sometime this week so I will take it then and she will never have to know I missed the first time! As for the surfing was like going out the first time all over again. I guess there are these things called muscle's and they leave when you are pregnant and don't come back for a while. But nothing a little more surfing can't fix!



I'm still working on getting my muscles back in places! Good Luck! I think surfing will help alot though, even though I have never done it, I hear it's tough!


How fun that will be to have your "surfing" play dates!